Multi-Channel Audit

A.I. Driven Results

Forensic Audit...

We will review your account manually based on over 40 data points including:

  • Reputation perception
  • Account organization analysis
  • Ad placement opportunities
  • Keyword & ad analysis
  • Account management practices analysis
  • Landing page analysis, and more.

Our Approach

We plug in and dissect your top competitor in tandem with your marketing share – this proven method instantly finds gap in your current marketing strategy, both on the website and campaign side, and exposes instant opportunities and discovers your competitors weaknesses.

We Discover

Competitive Landscape

We analyze your top 3 competitors from 17 various data points to ensure no opportunities are overlooked.

Online Perception

The reality is your perception is venerable, never miss an opportunity due to your online reputation.

We Analyze 

Online Ad Discovery

A complete forensic audit is completed on all ad networks from Paid Search, Social Media, Native and Contextual ads such as retargeting and banners to video marketing.

User Experience

Our real-time behavioral software captures user’s data that will instantly lift current conversion rates.


Reduce Bounce Rates


Increase Site Times


Conversion Rate Increased

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