A.I. Platform Delivers Pinpoint Results

AI Technology

Our AI Software delivers real time data that will result in faster optimization, acquisitions and decision making shortening analysis for increased ROI.


Data Driven Uptimization

Using sophisticated A.I. Tool Sets we see trends happening so we can be proactive, not reactive.

Constant Communication

Rest assured you’re never in the dark, were proactive, consistent with how we interact with you and your business goals.

Daily Accountability

We engage our clients as business partners not clients, we spend your dollars as if were our own.

Human Capital

We do not adhere to the “set it and forget” tool sets being used today, our experts are hands on.

Ethics & Honesty

We pride ourselves providing positive results, and we own it when we fall short, we tell you the facts and the strategy that will correct it.

What We Do


Onboarding Audit

We silo each channel to analyze and either correct loss leaders or outline the methodologies to increase your efficiencies.


Seamless Implementation

We adhere to less is more, one step at a time to insure data trends meet our expectations and report this data back to you so you are never left in the dark.


Strategic Collaboration

We institute a growth strategy within the first 72 hours, depending on the scope this timeline may vary, and engage in a collaborative strategy session.

Opportunity / Discovery

Our technology establishes instant opportunities that reside amongst the comparative competition. Factors such as, market penetration, ad network allocations, social media outlets, display and video to formulate a gap analysis resulting in a custom strategy tailored specifically to your current situation.

Analysis Based On:

  • Paid Search
  • Social Media
  • Network Ad Distribution
  • Website Optimization
  • Online Review Management
  • Local Directories
  • Map Optimization
  • And much more….

Audits YTD

Website Rebuilds

Accounts Created

Leads Generated

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